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Let DeLaurence help you. Many assure us that our catalogue, and the great Books and Products in it, have been sometimes of incredible help and assistance to those with Great Ambition, Burning Desires and Overpowering Fears.

The Occult Arts and sciences undoubtedly are old with the wisdom of the Ages, but they are new as today, too, because Great Minds are constantly at work on these great problems--seeking the solution for You and all the world to use.

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The de Laurence Company was founded by L. W. de Laurence in Chicago, IL in the 1900's. De Laurence was a pioneer in the business of supplying magical and occult goods by mail order.  Not only was L. W. de Laurence a successful business man, he was a teacher, an author and a publisher. L.W. de Laurence has many publications still available today. Although it has been said that his company has fizzled out, I am here to inform you that we still do exist. We run out of a small business located in Michigan City, Indiana. 


Yourself & Your Loved Ones

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Seek the onward and upward road to Success and Happiness--to greater accomplishment and a fuller life. Banish boredom and frustration with knowledge, and true power that comes from Knowledge. The Gate is open!




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Let over 100 years of experience work for you.

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DeLaurence carries a wide variety of Spiritual jewelry and supplies.

Please beware of false companies trying to sell DeLaurence products,such as

New Guardian Light and Church of Good Luck.